A soccer field to protect children's lives in Brazil.

Many children in Brazil live on the edge of dangers caused by traffic accidents and drugs. For children in such environments, where playing soccer could pose a risk to their lives, together with their local communities we are going to create a safe place from them, called “a soccer ground to protect their lives”. Your support will enable children to play as children should, by providing access to safe soccer grounds. 


Project Background

In July 2017, when the Founder of lovefútbol Japan visited a local office in Brazil Recife, he met children in a town called Brasillia Temosa. Although it was raining at the time, the children were outside playing soccer. The place where they played soccer was striking: the soccer grounds had no fence, with one side adjacent to busy road traffic and the other side adjacent to a beach with sharks. As he listened to their story, the children explained that there is no safe space to play in the town and some children had even involved in car accidents when retrieving their ball from the road. These children urgently need a safe space to play. 

The prevalence of drug use is high in this town and remains a difficult social challenge in the area. Highly addictive drugs are sold and threaten the future of local children and youth.

Our Solution

We are determined to support the development of a new soccer grounds after careful consideration of its feasibility. How are we going to tackle the two big challenges of lack of access to a safe place to play soccer and the risks associated to drug use? The solution is to increase community ownership throughout the making of the soccer grounds.   

Whilst the soccer grounds itself is necessary, simply developing the grounds and giving it to children will not contribute to solving the issues mentioned earlier. Therefore, we plan to set three targets in order to increase community ownership to resolve the local issues: 

1. Safe place to play

2. Empowered Communities

3. A Sustainable Platform for Development

For example,

●To collaborate with a local NPO to transfer the knowledge of how to create a soccer ground so that eventually they have the capacity to lead the project. 

●For the teams who will support the project - such as those involved in construction, events, education, music, and environment protection, all team members will be from the local community.

●Once complete, the soccer grounds will be managed by the local community, including annual plans and budgets.

●The grounds will be used not only for soccer classes but also other educational purposes, such as drug-use prevention workshops.

Soft components of the project, such as these, will aim to achieve more than just a place for the children to play soccer. This project will also help prevent drug use in the area and help the children to realise their future potential and aspirations. 


This project will aim to refurbish one sportsground that will benefit up to 5,900 children and youth by providing access to play soccer and other recreational sports. Moreover, through the collaboration with the local NPO, specific local challenges will be tackled through this project, helping to protect children from potential drug use.

<Project components>

1.To establish a project team who make local community development central to success by collaborating with a local NPO

2. To build two soccer goals

3. To build four fences

4. To provide lighting equipment

5. Wall Painting

6. To build speed bumpers and road signs for cars to slow down on the road

7. Establish local community management of the ground (soccer classes as well as educational programs to prevent drug use)


From April to August 2018, lovefulbol will support and manage the project for three months to increase the sustainability of the project after the completion of the grounds. After this period of time, the local management committee and local NPO will lead and manage the grounds.

<The project budget>

The total budget of the project is 3,140,000 JPY, out of which 1,140,000 JPY will be raised in the U.S., Brazil and other funding support from Japan, such as private companies and individual supporters. The remaining 2,000,000 JPY must be supported through Campfire.

●The total budget (a breakdown below)

・Two soccer goals - 120,000 JPY

・Four fences - 480,000 JPY

・Lighting equipment - 600,000 JPY

・Painting - 240,000 JPY

・Speed bumpers and road signs - 240,000 JPY

・Flight costs for the project team - 180,000 JPY

・Project management cost - 1,050,000 JPY

・Campfire commission - 200,000 JPY

・Shipping cost  - 30,000 JPY 

Thank you for your support and helping to secure a safe place to play for children in Brasilia Teimosa.


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