love.fútbol Japan:Y2024 Children and Youth Soccer Support Program

love.fútbol Japan:Children and Youth Soccer Support Program

January, 2024

love.fútbol Japan

We believe that every child deserves a safe place to play and live for their passions. This program aims to support children and young people living in Japan, who love soccer but are not able to play due to economic background or social inequalities. It provides them support which enables them to continue to play and enjoy their favorite sport, soccer with their passion in the new school term.

This program is supported by donations from supporters to love.fútbol Japan. 


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love.fútbol Japan is working to improve the soccer environment for children around the world and started providing support for children and young people in Japan, especially those who want to keep playing soccer but have given up or are struggling to continue because of their economic or social backgrounds.We will provide cash benefit, some equipment and sessions with professional soccer players to make social connections.

Please apply as the applications are now open.

The Application Requirements

【Eligible person】

Children and youth who live in Japan who want to play soccer but have given up due to economic or social backgrounds.

Age 7 - 19, regardless of their gender and nationality.


・Those who want to play soccer but cannot start due to their economic or social backgrounds

・Children who are having trouble continuing to play soccer due to family financial reasons

・Those who cannot purchase team uniforms and equipment to start playing soccer

・Because of social issues such as gender inequality or due to language barriers, they have no access or limited access to play soccer.

【Contents of Support】

The following three types of support will be provided for each eligible person. Please select the support(s) you would like to receive when applying. You may select multiple supports. The cash benefit is a donation and does not need to be paid back.

 □ Cash benefit of 50,000 yen∼ to help keep playing soccer

 □ A set of soccer equipment: shoes, wear etc.

 □ Social connection:Sessions with professional soccer player (On-line session one-time or monthly-basis, Football session)

【Use of Cash benefit】

As the expenses which is related to soccer, it can be used for admission fees, monthly and club fees, equipment purchases, transportation, expeditions and camps, medical expenses, and meals.

This year, we plan to provide more than $50,000 to only a few applicants.

【Sessions with professional soccer player】

As an activity to create social connections, we plan to conduct exchanges with professional soccer players in a variety of ways, including real exchanges and online (monthly ongoing or one-off). As soon as the details are finalized, we will send an invitation to those who wish to participate. If you would like to be notified, please select the option on the application form.

For the online exchanges (monthly ongoing), you must be able to participate on a regular basis. After providing details, we envision a procedure in which you will be asked to submit a separate application, explaining the reasons why you wish to participate in the exchange.

Please note that exchanges are only available to those who have confirmed the child's intention, not that of the parents.

【Period of application】

January 15th 〜 February 14th in 2024

【Unit of application】

An application form must be filled out per eligible person.

If you wish to apply for a few applications within a household, please fill out applications for each individual.

【Documents required for application】

A filled-out application form (The reasons of applying and the Pledges must be included)

Please provide in a writing, thoughts and feelings towards soccer of the eligible person (This must be written by the eligible person and guardians cannot write on behalf of the eligible person)

Please submit official documents regarding Seikatsu-hogo, Jido-huyo-teate, Shugaku-enjo

※Please note that we may ask you to submit official documents regarding your residency registration, proof of household income and other information at a later date.

【Application Form】

Application Form

*After applying, auto-reply will be sent to your email address. If you do not get an auto-reply, the email address that you have entered may be wrong. Please be sure to put a correct email address.

【Process from Application】

1. Please apply via Kintone Form within the period (No acceptance after the deadline).

2. love.fútbol Japan will select the candidates on the basis of the application forms. All applicants will be notified with email at the middle of March. 

3. If your application is fully completed, we will provide cash benefit and equipment to the selected applicants by the beginning of April 2024 Sessions with professional soccer players will be announced as soon as the date is confirmed.

4. In Oct 2024, the selected applicants are required to submit a report on how the supports are going to be used as well as their motivation towards soccer.


Frequently asked questions can be found below



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【Privacy Policy】

The personal information obtained at the time of application will be used for the purpose of providing this support, requesting questionnaires and providing reference information to the applicant, and will be managed and stored responsibly by the organization.

We will not provide personal information to any third party without the applicant's consent. The information may be used for statistical analysis, activity reports, advocacy for social empowerment, but will not be made public in any way that identifies the individual.

Please click here to view our privacy policy.

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