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January, 2021

love.fútbol Japan

We believe that every child deserve a safe place to play and live their passion.
This program aims to support children and young people living in Japan who love soccer but are not able to play due to the economic reason or social inequality and provide them with supports so that they can continue to play and enjoy their favorite soccer with their passion in the new school term. 




We, love.fútbol Japan, who are working to improve the soccer environment for children around the world, start to provide supports for children and young people in Japan who want to play soccer but have given up or are struggling to continue for economic or social reasons in order to help them to play soccer at ease in 2021.We will provide cash benefit, online-session with professional soccer players to make social connections and some equipment.

Applications are now open.

Application Requirements

【Eligible person】

Boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 20 years old who want to play soccer but have given up due to economic or social reasons from all over Japan (regardless of nationality).


・Children who cannot afford to buy jersey or shoes for school team due to financial reasons at home

・Children who love soccer but are having trouble continuing due to relationships with parents, teammates, coaches, etc.


The following three types of support will be provided for each eligible person. Please select the support you would like to receive when you apply. Multiple choices are possible. The cash benefit are non-refundable. 

□ Cash benefit of 50,000 yen to help keep enjoying soccer

□ Social connection:Online-session with professional soccer player

□ A set of soccer equipment: shoes, wear etc.

【Detail of Online-session with professional soccer player】

The online session will be divided into small groups and conducted with professional soccer players. It will consist of two parts: First part is that the participants can enjoy conversation with the players while learning their experience and the second part is Q&A with the players. We will arrange interpreter for English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese according to the needs of the participants. The event is scheduled to take place in April and we will let you know when the date is finalized. We use Zoom. The players will participate in the video to show their face, but the participating children do NOT need to have their faces on the screen.

Afterwards, if child wish to have an online consultation with the player individually, we will try to coordinate it one time only. The schedule will be adjusted on an individual basis.

【Period of application】

January 25th 〜 February 24th in 2021

【Documents required for application】

・Application form (=Google form. Including Pledges)

*Please be aware that we may ask you to submit official documents regarding your residency, income and other information at a later date.

【Application Form】

【Process from Application】

1. Please apply via Google Form within the period (No acceptance after the deadline).

2. love.fútbol Japan will make a selection internally on the basis of the application documents. All applicants will be notified by email of the results by March 12. The maximum number of recipients will be 30.

3. If your application is complete, we will provide cash benefit and equipment to the recipients by the end of March. Online sessions with professional soccer players will be announced as soon as the date is confirmed.

4. After 3 and 6 months, you will be asked to submit a report. (We may adjust the timing of the report request depending on the situation of the Coronavirus.)




love.fútbol Japan


【Privacy Policy】

The personal information obtained at the time of application will be used for the purpose of providing this support, requesting questionnaires and providing reference information to the applicant, and will be managed and stored responsibly by the organization.

We will not provide personal information to any third party without the applicant's consent. The information may be used for statistical analysis, activity reports, advocacy for social empowerment, but will not be made public in any way that identifies the individual.

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